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Post-Iceman sign up weekend of riding

Last year, those of us that went to Bell’s to sign up for the Iceman had a great time. Taking it to the next level is always my goal for these events. To that end, we’re planning to take our bikes with us this year and go south until we can ride. Plan A is Bryson City, NC, home of the Tsali trail system. The Nantahala Outdoor Center has several cabins that are available that will fit our group no matter how many go. Plan B is Georgia. We’ll decide a week out, or on the way down, where we’re going.

The plan would be to go to Iceman party, get registered, party a little and then head south. We have two destinations in mind depending on wheather. If we were wheels up from Bell’s between 1 and 2 we’d roll into NOC  (PLAN A) around midnite. They have a staggered system for trails down there. They share with horses. NOC also has a short loop we can ride. They also have a zip line tour! We’d ride Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning and then bolt home and be home on Tuesday night.

PLAN B is to head another 2.5 hours south to Augusta, GA. There are a bunch of trails just north of Evans, GA that offer great riding. I just haven’t found a good place to stay yet. They have a great campground but still looking for something a tad more upscale than my new Eureka tent on VRBO.




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