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Oriole Foundation Grant Evaluation Form

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If you are submitting photos please resize them for web viewing. You can do this by importing them into iPhoto. Then selecting the photos and export them (under File choose Export). There is then an option to select medium. That should be fine. Then just save those to your desktop and attach those to this application. As opposed to the full resolution images. You can also just select a smaller image when you send them from a device such as an iPhone.








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1. What was your major goal in this grant?

2. How did you evaluate the success of your project and what were the results?

3. How many students did your project impact?

4. What can the Oriole Foundation do to help you with future grant opportunities and the grant process?

Please provide some materials that document your project (pictures (jpeg); video(YouTube link); student-­‐ produced writing (PDF); testimonials from students, parents or caregivers, etc.(PDF)).

YouTube Link (if applicable)

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