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Michigan Travel

Welcome Back

We’ll be updating, maybe, a little more than we have in the past few years. The cover photo here is from a short hike we did on a quick fall trip to Marquette, Michigan. And NOT a drone shot, as it would normally be. We loaded up the MaxiVan (the safest way to travel we feel during the pandemic) and headed north for a quick weekend while the colors were maybe just past peak.

I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of the new WordPress block editor, but we’ll give it a try. Our SOP for UP trips at this point is to make a run for the bridge if we can all get out of work an hour early, and camp at Straits State Park. Which we did this time again. We got a bacon slayer (electric griddle) after a summer trip when another family we were traveling with had one. Pretty easy and quick, and RV doesn’t smell like bacon the whole trip. So breakfast was had Friday morning. Then we had a quick hike in Munising after that. Then it was downtown Marquette for some shopping and fish dip from Thrills.